Lily’s Wings Mobile Restaurant -St. Cloud

Lily's Wings Mobile Restaurant

Steve Ehlen; the owner of Lily’s Wings, had an idea. After running two food trucks successfully along with a dine-in restaurant. What if it was on wheels? So he began his jump into something unknown. How to fit a full-sized kitchen into a city bus, complete with indoor seating and a take out window. While Lily’s Wings, Burgers, and Things are known for there 17 flavorful sauces and bigger than standard chicken wings, they’re also known for catering at an affordable price. But, the food trucks based on size were only capable of serving up wings and appetizers… but what about those delicious Prime Angus burgers? So, he built a mobile restaurant. A bus which is capable of catering events, parties, and weddings. You name it, and they can cater it… at 500 heads an hour.

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